This option allows you to purchase your Prometheus Gen II and own it.  It's your property to do with as you please.   Prices Starting at: 



When leasing, you enter into a contract to lease your prometheus for a set period of time. You do not own it, and can not sell it.  Prices starting at: 


We reserve the right to change pricing at any time. 


This allows you to own your Prometheus Gen II and it can be made in a single payment, or anual payments over three or five years.  


** The lease buy-out option is available to pre-existing lease's also. 


The majority of Prometheus Gen II machines out in the world are not available for resale.  Those machines were leased from Prometheus Tool Corp.  They are leased, and just as with any leased equipment, they are not available for resale by the people who leased them.   If you purchase a Prometheus from an individual that leased it, you will be receiving stolen property and will be forfeit. 

 Below is a link to a list of serial numbers belonging to Prometheus machines which are available for legal resale.   These units MUST be accompanied by a bill of sale signed by Brand Cole.  

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